About Limón


The LIMÓN brand was founded in London in 2019. We make our products using recycled materials, with the aim of having them live as long and useful a life as they can. We're committed to achieving maximum sustainability in a circular economy, and helping to create a better planet.


We took inspiration from the simplicity and functionality of the original multi-tools: LEMONS. They are an excellent, 100% natural, 100% recyclable, and utterly delightful fruit packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Life would be so much easier if you carried a lemon around with you. Stain on your shirt? Rub it with a lemon. Have a cold? Lemon tea will make you feel better. Washing your vegetables? Lemon juice does it best.
At Limón, we try to be just as versatile. Our brand is built on practicality, simplicity and durability—right down to our 100% recyclable packaging!
You can carry your little lemon with you everywhere you go! We've been making practical, diversely functional and environmentally friendly backpacks to get you through your daily missions and adventures.